Apr 10, 2010
Kazedouya (All reviews)
K-ON Live House

It's good to have an OVA by our favorite band named After school Teatime. In this OVA we're going to see them play in a little gig, but they have fun drinking tea and eat a lot of sweets.


The story resolves around the K-ON members. A friend of Ritsu is asking a manager if After school Teatime can have a gig, the gig is on new years eve.


The colors in K-ON is amazing it's just not kawaii, but brilliant. The character looks good as well. The nature and everything is very good animated.


It's the same songs like in the series, so nothing important to write here.


Imo when the other bands are talking about their music dreams, they change they will go further than Budakon, I'm sure they thinking we will be pro!


I didn't liked it so much I liked the series much more, but it's better then anything tho : )


K-ON! Live House is nothing big, it's ok to watch, but since it only one episode that's sucks... Season 2 here we come :}