Jun 7, 2017
MaximoHentaisama (All reviews)
Review to Dainiji Ura Nyuugakushiken The Animation #01:

Plot: A schoolgirl is blackmailed not to reveal her photos in exchange for having sex with her teachers.

* Rape (7/10)
* School Girl (7/10)
* Blowjob (8/10)
* Nakadashi (8/10)
* Sex Toys (6/10)
* Masturbation (6/10)
* Gangbang (8/10)
* Mindbreak (7/10)

Good points:
- Do you like to see ugly bastards raping a schoolgirl? If you answer yes, then you will like this anime.
- Stockings.
- A good gangbang.

Bad points:
- Is repetitive. The rape scenes stand out in my opinion only for blowjobs and creampies and the final scene of the gangbang.

If you are one of those who like rape, school and mindbreak animations, I recommend it. It is 18 minutes of a schoolgirl being raped wearing school swimsuit and stockings. I give 7/10