Apr 10, 2010
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It’s about a lazy girl named Yui Hirasawa, Yui does not do anything important she just rolls on the floor 24/7, but when Yui starts on high school she changes. Yui and her childhood friend Nodoka, are talking to each other Nodoka says “Yui, have you joined any clubs yet” Yui is just a lazy bum so you know. Yui is not quite sure which club to choose, but she ends up with K-ON! (Light music club) Yui has one big weeknes she only can play castanets, and they need a guitarist. Watch the anime if you will know more.

The art is nothing special, but the instrument has slightly better animation, I found the art very interesting.
The voice actors are good liked the most of them. When it comes to the OP+ED song it’s nothing flashy about it it’s not bad either. The same with the insert songs.

The characters in K-ON are awesome, I almost love all of them, and all of them have a unique personality that you will appreciate.

I can with my hand on my heart tell you that I loved watching the series, it’s so funny. I have watched it twice now, imo it was better the second time.

If you are looking for an easy anime to watch, then don’t search anymore, watch K-ON, but if you’re looking for an more music anime choose “Beck” it’s quite good..

If you have any questions ask me :]