Jun 5, 2017
Kozakii (All reviews)
Much as I'd like to troll with this, I can't. Why did I even watch this film? I mean sure, perhaps I went in with my expectations a bit too high, but still. We have Shelter, which was able to tell a fantastic story in 6 minutes, and then we have Oira no Ski. Literally just about some animals going skiing, which is boring as fucking hell.

But, I suppose I'll do a proper review.

Story - 1
What was the story? I get that a lot of short films aren't really made to have a story, but c'mon. You gotta do more than just FUCKING SKIING. I mean, what's interesting about that? Although the story was horrible however, I understand that it wasn't made to be something great so I really can't say much here. I believe there is no story, and thus this can be pulled into the enjoyment section, which I will write about later.

Art - 1
I mean, this was made in the 1900s, but so was anime like Evangelion and some Ghibli movies- it looked like absolute shit. With the staticky background and monochromatic colours, it failed to create a level of interest to the viewer. This being said, I don't actually mind this art style that much, but if one wishes to use it, the rest of the film must be executed well. Oria no Ski failed to do that.

Sound - 1
All I heard was static and used soundtracks in the background; in fact, I can't even remember any particular pieces of music that actually conveyed real emotion. Even if the music is just to help set the light-hearted mood, it needs to be notable and impactful in one way or another. I understand that my expectations are quite high, again, but the work with music in this film seemed to be really lazy.

Character - 1
What characters? I get that a short film isn't supposed to portray the idea of fantastic characters, but this film didn't even have any characters. Even with fucking Skelter+Heaven we had characters (which were awful and forgettable, but they were still there). If they'd shown us even one personality trait, even just one, then the character score would shoot up.

Enjoyment - 1
Boring as fuck. I don't wanna watch an anime where some animals go fucking skiing and literally do nothing else. No drama, no emotion, just nothing. It's shit.

Overall - 1
Don't do it.