Jun 3, 2017
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Does an anime have to be completely original, to be a masterpiece? Should the story be unpredictable for it to be good?

I don't think so.
There is beauty in simplicity.

The portrayal of every single component of the specific fictional world is the most important point in creating a series.

Despite having your typical shounen, (young boy has a dream he wants to achieve so he has to overcome many obstacles on its way despite being an underdog in comparison to many other characters) this series does everything right so far. It does not try to hard with its plot, but still offers a big cast of interesting characters and a story where you can understand and share your feelings with the protagonist.

Reaching episode 10, this work woke my feels more than any other series I have seen yet. I teared up so often in this season, although only 10 episodes were released yet. The solid art and the emotion generating sounds make a great deal of a this simple, yet for me perfect story.