Jun 3, 2017
LoliNami (All reviews)
Probably my 4th review, and boy did this anime become a let down quickly. Don't get me wrong, the premise is a great idea, but the execution is poor with Re: Creators. Episode 1 is promising, but from there it falls into cliche valley.

What began it's descent from a really, really good anime, which I saw a different review suggestion this could be a classic--which I find a joke--is I think the second episode which provided us a theory as to why everything is happening.

This theory was poorly placed because the characters from the anime worlds were just introduced and with no evidence supporting the theory, yet with all logical reasoning behind it, I couldn't accept it. A few episodes later we do get that evidence but it's already ruined my immersion.

Another aspect where it falls short is the random introductions, and the sudden stops in fights when the fights are possibly the best parts of the anime, paired with the music, it's all but flawless, but they are stopped for no reason other then the theory which provide the reason but to avoid spoilers I won't get into it.

If the theory came about correctly, after evidence was provided, I could accept it, but there's more that plagues this anime. And it could be personal preferences but that's for you to decide.

The main character--I don't know if it's a culture thing, but he is weak. Sota later hides stuff, and it feels like a plot point drawing out, but there is no reason other then his own pride or something that he's hiding the information when it's need. That's why I say it's a plot point, just something to drag the plot on. It's not suspenseful if that is what they are trying for, it's just poor writing.

Going along with that, the characters are also pretty sub par, and paired with the rather great dialogue, it's ironic that they want to try to have a good story, but are unable to.

Overall, it's a nice anime to watch, but not a good one, and nowhere near a classic. I'll give it credit where it's good but if a story is bad, it's not going to be good. Art is great, Sound is fantastic, the rest, poor. See it as you'd like but know that I find this series lacking.

Update Note: Began episode 9 and it just made a mess of itself. No point for me to continue to watch it and I probably should have dropped it long before now.