Jun 2, 2017
TheFlashmaster (All reviews)
To say that “Your Name” is visually striking would be a giant understatement. Shinkai and his team have both an eye for detail and a poetic vision. The settings of “Your Name” somehow feel both lived-in and magical at the same time. Whether it’s the train system in Tokyo, its gorgeous skyscrapers touching the sky, a never-ending horizon in Itomori, or even just a series of streets on a mountainside, “Your Name” is one of those animated films in which one could pick any still frame from it and hang it on their wall. Despite the gorgeous visuals, the story falls flat on its face. The story continues to stumble over and over due to the lack of any explanation and character development. There was never a point in time while watching this movie where I wasn't confused. Your Name just throws out ideas and just rolls with them without much thought put into it and no matter how much you think about it it will never make sense. One example of this is when the two main characters suddenly forget about the other's existence even though the cause of this has nothing to do with their memories. The romance is shoehorned in, even though neither of the characters have actually even met they fall in love over the fact they took over each other's body. I feel if this were a series rather than a movie they would to flesh out and explain a lot more. It is still a good movie, don't get me wrong, but the story feels rushed and imcomplete.