Jun 2, 2017
Fourhundr (All reviews)
I have seen a lot of dementia anime shorts, and this one does not stand out as anything special. It is apparently about the cycle of a plant, which can be guessed because of the words that pop up three times on screen. If you want to make an in-depth analysis on what every scene represents I'm sure you could, but it would be a waste of time. Most of the story is just black and white geometric shapes just switching colors on the screen.

The geometric shapes do not really do much, so there is not much to say about the art unless you really like pointy things.

There was no sound. I was left with my bedroom window open only to hear my neighbors listening to 70s hits and partying, wondering why I was not doing something I enjoy instead of watching this nonsense for four minutes.

No characters either, just a plant and some lines.

I enjoyed the parts where the words were on screen so I could finally tell what I was watching.

Overall, this may be the kind of anime you have to watch several times to fully understand what it was about. I won't, but if you are reading this, go ahead and watch it several times to interpret it fully. I have better things to do.