Jun 2, 2017
lensaamiranda (All reviews)
"The Morose Mononokean"

DON'T WATCH: if you're looking for an action-packed, fast-paced show.

WATCH: if you like natsume yuujinchou, hotarubi no mori e or poco's udon world (in terms of heartwarming elements) or if you enjoy slow, heartwarming storylines.

Quick review

story: 7.5
art: 8
sound: 8
character: 8
enjoyment: 8

Story- (surprisingly) heartwarming and adorable at times. it follows the 'main characters are involved with youkai and tries to solve problems related to it' storyline. hence, the pacing- a bit slow, but it suits a show like this. the vibe is quite similar to mononoke & natsume yuujinchou.

Art - pretty unique (colour contrast, texture-thingy?) and pleasing to the eyes, a bit of CG, but nothing too unnecessary.the sceneries (especially in the 'underworld') are pretty as well.

Sound - the seiyuus, as always did a great job. i like the OP and ED as it gives off a nostalgic (?) feeling. background tracks used are suitable for bringing whatever moods it's supposed to bring

Characters - the main cast is small, yet their interactions are entertaining to watch. their background and development are also decently explored, considering the episode limit.