Jun 1, 2017
OrsonFurious (All reviews)
TL:DR Good show in general. no crazy flaws.

I low balled the story because its very different from the manga and the manga was amazing and diverse in the different enemy's you see, even before meeting those villagers. The movie has already missed lots of that out and i cant see any way of redeeming that. For what its worth though it isn't bad just different.

Art was good. CGI is risky because it is hated by a lot of anime enthusiasts but I don't mind it if it isn't bad and in Blame it was very good (as expected in an anime movie). Nothing too much to say other than... it looks good pretty much all the time.

(Soz didn't pay attention to the sound track) =P

I think Killy was portrayed well, Cibo wasn't, she was too robot-like and cold in comparison to the manga version of her .Every one else has the cookie cutter personality but did seem quit 'human' (if you know what i mean)

All-in-all i liked it and i want to see another one.