May 30, 2017
Violate_Me (All reviews)
Am I verified enough of manga and the like to actually critically review manga? Probably not, but after reading the first 10 chapters of this I feel like I have to. This manga surprised me as it made me realise what a hypocrite I was, I had an intense anger for people who willy nilly gave out 10's to manga which obviously didn't deserve it, and perhaps that's exactly the case with this manga. But I love it to pieces so stfu.

For a brief summary, essentially is about OP (but not obvious) Dale finding a small demon girl in the forest after the one guiding her dies. From there it's essentially just a gigantic cute fest as Latina steals the heart of Dale and everyone in existance, including the reader

There is one overarching word for this manga which I as an 18 year old male don't even hesitate to describe it as, CUTE. I honestly can't get enough of it, tbh I'm not into the whole Loli deal with adventure stories, so with this being based as a connection between father and daughter within a fantasy setting it already scores high points for me. While comedy may certainly be a subjective aspect for anyone, at least for me I found it hilarious, especially with the running gag of Dale going into withdrawal without Latina.

WARNING FOR RATINGS (I'm incredibly biased towards this manga since I have fallen so deeply in love with it, take my ratings not as fact but as opinion)
Art: 10/10
Incredibly well done, while not game changing or mind blowingly unique, still establishes the tone and feel of the story as well as punctuating the comedy.
Story: 9/10
Love that it's based as a loose form of narrative unlike the traditional plot point driven story so it feels like the reader is coasting alongside Latina and Dale
Character: 10/10
To sum up by opinion of how the characters are set up, to put it succinctly, if anything happened to Latina or Dale I would lose passion for reading.
Also the side characters of the patrons and the parents are very well done :)
Enjoyment: 10/10
If you hadn't guessed by now, this is possibly the best manga I've ever read in terms of the enjoyment I get from it.
Overall: 10/10
Now speaking (technically typing.. just go with it) rationally, this manga isn't the best manga in the entire world based off of the first 10 chapters and has no where near the complexity of other top rating manga, but I believe that the enjoyment of the reader always comes first.

P.S. Kinda realised that my craze for this manga is worrying, considering how much I've written for it. Also I will update this review if there's drastic changes as more chapters are released.