May 29, 2017
Care_I_dont (All reviews)
After watching the trailer I was so eager to watch the movie and after such a long time I have finally decided to watch it but welp... It was quite a let-down. First of all the movie is comparatively long ( 2 hours and a half ) but the character development is really slow and annoying and feels forceful. Secondly, the plot is all over the place espeacilly the first half of the movie, I was like " WTF is happening?". The last thing is that it is a bit too cringey since it is a romance school life I was alreay expecting it to be a bit cringey but it is much more than i though making it unbearable to watch. But welp i will give it to them for the art and sound which is really well made and the main heroine is also enjoyable unlike all other characters