May 20, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English subtitled
art film
silent anime

A bit confusing starting up. Luckily, you get the idea as it progresses. As for the ending it could have been more impacting especially because of the title. The story in a nutshell is fight for survival.
As for what the message was it was unclear to me. Maybe strength in numbers? I have a couple other ideas but they don't quite center on the concept of three.

-black and white
-one of the best things i can say is this did a good job of filling in. What i mean is even though there was no sound to any regard there was a couple moments were your mind (or at least mine) played the sound like during the 'whoop whoop' or dazed moments.
- i understand with war pieces it is common to have fire of some sort but for me it was annoying. It was as if someone took white out and dribbled it here and there during those moments.

Sound- hahaha!

normally with shows the main character is clear. Here not so much. I tend to find when films make it clear who to root for (the main character) the show will receive higher reviews for there would be more of an emotional connection made.