May 19, 2017
midoshi (All reviews)
Well, I will just start out by saying that I liked it better than Kimi no Nawa. I say this becuase I liked the Koe no Katachi story better. It was simple, yet powerful and created the feels trip. Although both movies were hyped(tho kimi no nawa way more) I was naturally more interested in Koe no Katachi. In fact, I was so excited that I read a good portion of the manga, but I stopped myself for the sake of enjoying the movie.
Koe no Katachi did not exceed my expectations, but it didn't really fall short. However, I must say that Koe no Katachi had some slow moments. I felt that a movie like Kimi no Nawa had way less slower moments.
Koe no Katachi is a movie that you must be in "the mood" to enjoy it to its max. Luckily, when the subs finally came out, I had just finished Hanasaku Iroha, so I was already in the slice of life/romance mood. Thus, I give the show 9/10. Honestly, it was a beautiful show. The story, art, music, and character development (although not perfect) blended nicely to create an amazing movie.
For a suggestion, I would recommend that you only watch Koe no Katachi if you are truly feeling the slice of life/romance feeling. Unlike other show, if you push and force yourself to watch this, you will find ourself bored and ultimately not enjoy it.
Just, bruh it's an amazing movie. watch it eventually.