May 19, 2017
Lucisz (All reviews)
I watched this a year ago, and I could remember three things.
1.) The story is about the main character having a foot fetish.
2.) His girlfriend is an alcoholic chocolate-maniac.
3.) This is explored through 46 minutes.

I can relate to the main character's fetish and it looks amazing. 11/10, must watch.

~ ~ ~

"Please enter a longer review" Ok then...

Makoto Shinkai's opus is about a student enamored with the very lowest part of the human anatomy, drawing pictures of clothes covering said body parts constantly. He also manages to build a relationship between himself and a woman who has an alcohol addiction, along with a fondness for chocolate. These subjects are thoroughly covered over the course of a feature-length movie, full to the brim with dazzling animation techniques which are a pleasure to watch.
I also had an unusually deep connection to the main character, probably based on a shared interest in the aforementioned body parts. Overall, I consider "Kotonoha no Niwa" an experience you must not miss. 11/10.

~ ~ ~

...But to be serious, it's kinda boring and the story is pretty weak. Therefore, 7.