May 19, 2017
Nikolai-san (All reviews)
You know why i rate this anime perfectly? because i understand the story and the plot and the i mean is this is so dramatically but i get what to be in that place of having alot of friends then you will lose it all and get paranoid of what you did in past... my past is kinda the same as the story goes on but it's the same but different way mine is kinda i play my friend's feelings and laugh about it... and then when time comes... my friends that... i played they played my feelings too like a revenge... at first i dont feel how people and my friends feel when i play with their feelings im pointing things like i feel and cried when i watch koe no katachi because i feel the same way of bullying people but mine i play with my friend and people's feelings and the time when you are in the place that you are already revealed as who you are... the place where you bully them or play with them the place where you will be a "loner" a sick freak who bully people or play with people i cried alot and this anime inspires me to stop being a worst retarded person and become a great person.. a great friend... thank you for listening to my review about Koe no Katachi if you are in that place of what you are like Ishida or a bully or a worst person living in this earth you will feel the same way and make a review like this like long review...