May 16, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English sub(a couple subtitles in the form of signs)
silent film (no spoken audio or instrumental)
special note of warning: given the visual presentation i advise caution to those that find perplexing objects troubling such as illusion puzzles.

Teaching a class requires not only a certain topic but a certain method of deliverance. On a positive not there are a lot of ways to deliver said lesson. On a negative note generally you can't pick your teacher, or method of deliverance. In this anime the topic is plant's cycle. Personally, i am not familiar 100 percent on the entire procedure but i have a vague understanding. While i found the occasional subtitle sign helpful the whole visual art was conflicting on my understanding. To understand my dilemma understand this 'class' was show by a teacher who excelled in math. Shapes to be more precise. While i did okay in math i don't think this was an easy to grasp concept to but kindly. Reminded me more therapy sessions than anything else. You know the idea of hypnotism and what is said ink blot?

-black and white
-repetitive in certain moments
-hard to follow along

Sound-can't comment

character-not relevant

Enjoyment: Even though i did not find this lesson on plant cycle helpful i suggest those who do extraordinary in math but not so much in science to try and see if this form of teaching simplifies or complicates matters. For we are all different. What might not work for me might do justice for another.