May 15, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Musical no subtitles nor voices with the exception of animation noise.
Art Film

A dedication to perseverance. Sad to say others would rather help them selves rather than others during times of troubles. While there is some benefit to that there is some benefit against it as well. As the story plays out one finds the moral of the story that there is strength in numbers. A good kind hearted message. The only downside to the film is it is based on hunters. I would say more but that says enough without ruining the story.

Two my knowledge there are two versions of this animation. There is a moderately colorized and an a high definition colorized version. Noting the difference between the two is easy. I recommend seeing the non high definition version. Personally, i feel high definition doesn't mix well with old art. Not only that but to force modern technology on older technology defeats the purpose for what it stands for.

Demonstrates individual personality.

While i already admitted that this story is kind hearted with it is message it is also perplexing as well. There is at least two takes one could have on this film. The other being the act of learning wasn't done. For example kids will touch a burning stove even though they know it will hurt. In this case a pointless cycle is kept. Despite the perplexing character decisions i suggest watching this animation. While the story did not quite do a good job at illustration keep in mind there is two hunters. This is not a piece where time progresses and it is the same hunter just older.