May 14, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English subtitled
art piece

-Growing up has it's ups and downs for sure. From not getting what you want to getting a good grade. However, as you to grow up if you are fortunate enough you can see what you could not see. For in this anime a situation presented which changed how things worked as a family. Now, the family unknowingly had a certain cycle of path when this situation presented as not going away there was bound to be some ripples before the water became 'calm' again. A brilliant idea for an anime with the perfect audience, children. For not only was the message kind and 'opening' it demonstrated a more helpful tool then the go to tool children have,feelings.

-Introduction was okay but as for the conclusion it was not only beautiful but symbolically beautiful. The say a 'round' thing is needed for a marriage proposal for it has the idea of metaphorical connection. While i may or may not feel that way about marriage my self best you keep an eye on the 'round thing' used this anime.

-black and white
-While the characters can be made out in most of the scenes, the choice of black and white has some drawn backs. If color was added it would allow for a faster recall if you had to take a to pause for something only to come back. In other words when you break it down scene by scene and really cue in on the art doesn't it look like other things even though you know it isn't. I am not talking about most of the film or even half, just a couple parts here and there. Mainly the water 'tension'.

Enjoyment: I strongly advise having your children regardless of age watch this show. There is no negative moments in any regard. Aside from emotional but then again that is drama. And drama is almost in everything.