May 14, 2017
Kizuu (All reviews)
This anime will not appeal to original Naruto watchers since it has no slow development with original feel to it, The main character is a probably the new most annoying main character in the anime world and watching the episode you can tell how much try hard the episode feels of trying to make him look cool and everything that happens in it.
The anime starts off with a huge plot spoiler which honestly ruins it, Next we go the character screams *I was born with everything so there is no hard work I need to do* It's already first episode and it's very rushed with the character development and does not have any look into the past of how he became this way. The technological difference is way too fast they completely messed that part up too.
Most of the writers and creators of boruto were not even part of naruto nor shippuden so instead of making a new fresh anime they had to ruin a story which contains a lot of childhood memories.

Maybe it will get a little better but I highly doubt it, The highest point in anime is usually the first episode that's where they try to drag you into the story to make you watch more of it. And that part is kinda ruined to the point where you don't even feel like watching another episode of this anime nor am I excited for it anymore..