May 13, 2017
Preliminary (4/11 eps)
Man, I can't believe I suffered through 4 episodes just to write a review but apparently you have to...thanks MAL

Well, well, well wasn't this an unfortunate mistake. If there's one thing I hate, is anime series that are pretentious and lure you in with false promises of an enriching story (granted this was pretty much NOT that). The story continues off the 1st season where...oh who cares, the plot is in the description...I'm just here to tell you it's awful. Some find this show enjoyable but I'm not here to argue taste, you have yours and I have mine.

This show is as shallow as it gets from the plot to the characters to the melodrama. Shows like this try to give the impression that they try to build on the story and develop the characters but all they do is try to give random ecchi moments and who is going to sit on the MC's rod first...sounds like a masterpiece at work here. Why do these series keep pandering to the beta-male, where it's one bland, awful, dense mary-sue with the personally of chalk character get to have 5 beautiful girls fight for his attention? If the point is to make relatable characters, what's with all the heavily unrealistic situations? When will someone like the MC ever succeed in real life by being the way he is? I guess you have to pander to those with these traits and if being pathetic sells, I guess you have to cater towards your target market but I digress...

The female characters don't do much to the's like the only time they feature is when they bicker amongst each other for the MCs approval. Their personalities fall into the common trope of:

Eriri - flat-chested tsundere with blonde pigtails and MC's childhood friend...I could reach into a bucket and pull out 10 of these

Utaha - miss perfect, blessed with intelligence and beauty trying to give off an imposing figure of a lion with her cold attitude but is reduced to a kitten when the MC drops a compliment

Michiru - basically there for incest fanservice, always very physical with the MC much to the despair of the others, often very flirty as well

Megumi - the plain, soft spoken type, always tries to help others rather emotionless girl that opens up slowly with the help of her friends, some might say the perfect girlfriend

And last but not least...the MC: Tomoya Aki...there has to be a reason why girls are attracted to it his pasty skin? His bland appearance? His barely existent personality? His density or the fact that he's a hardcore geek that spends his money on games and anime? All these things make up the boy girls want...that's what they tell us so it must be true, right?

Everything that takes place, each thing these girls achieve is just to please the MC in the end and try to earn his affection. They serve no other purpose other than being the MC's romantic interest, ending up in questionable situations and random ecchi moments to appease the fans and sell BDs. A true shame since many good characters in series like this just end up as sex objects and shipping fuel.

This show is a special kind of bad. I've known this since the first season but I stuck around like fly on shit seeing if it gets better but in the end you realize, like the fly, you're literally wasting time and being entertained by a turd.
Reviewer’s Rating: 1
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