May 13, 2017
Agerno (All reviews)
Atsushi Kaneko's "Wet Moon" is a bizarre story that focus on the policeman of Tatsumi, Keiji Sada. It begins with a macabre murder. While investigating that case the principal suspect, Kiwako Komiyama managed to flee and agent Sada gets his head injured. As a result, he gets in coma, and then he suffers headaches, delusions and flashbacks. These pains and illusions come to his mind during the whole manga, making it a little bit confusing. After his failure, Sada gets obsessed over capturing Kiwako, first related with his job, then because of a weird love.

I believe this crime story is well done, but sometimes it's also baffling. It has some interesting scenes and plots. I really liked it because of the turns that are done with the plot.

ART ~ 9
The drawing is really nice. There are several fantastic sketches and beautiful sceneries. A constant in this work is the moon, attracting your sight for a few moments.

It has no much characters. Mainly Sada, Komiyama, other policemen, only three are important, Mori, Kishi and Kinjou, and a weird info dealer called Tamayama. They all have realistic appearances, except for Tamayama and his strange complexión that fits very well in the plot.

If we refer to Sada he is a dull policeman, with principles, a little bit workaholic. He is also a crazy man. He is not a charismatic hero or a heartwarming protagonist. The facts that he is mad and also his obsessions with Komiyama, that are excessive, result in no affection for him but pity.

I did really enjoyed this manga. I devoured it, I mean... it didn't last long. It was fantastic but in the end it gave me the impression that it was too short.