May 13, 2017
raamen (All reviews)
Wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii is one of my favorite manga. I re-read it all the time when I need a pick me up.

It's a comedic romance manga about anime/manga/gaming nerds. It's a light and nice read, and it's hilarious. The art is 10/10, and every character will make you laugh. But what I truly enjoyed about this manga is the chemistry among the characters. Seriously, the relationships are so cute (none of the angst and cliches). You really root for them.The story is very episodic and there isn't really a big overarching story behind the entire manga. But its great for a quick and happy read.

I gave it a high score simply because the enjoyment factor of this manga is really high. I've recommended this manga to people who aren't that deep into the anime/manga trash world (help me), and they really enjoyed this manga. So this manga is more than just for otakus, the awws you get from the relationships and the funnies are for everyone.

I recommend this manga to anyone who want to leave feeling happy and having a good laugh along the way. And come on, its a manga about good and funny otaku dork couples.