May 12, 2017
raamen (All reviews)
There's something comforting about this manga.

At the surface, it may seem that this manga would be only full of fluffiness and rainbows since it is a story full of incredibly cute moments (so sweet you'll get cavities). But, the underlining story is one that is quite deep and at times sad (But don't worry, every chapter ends happily). The story begins with the main characters losing both of their parents and starting to live in a new home with the chairman (Bear with me. Its a happy manga, I promise!).

But what I find comforting about this manga is that despite all these struggles, Ryuuichi and Kotarou can live happily. Ryuuichi tries is very best to make sure his little brother is the happiest he can possibly be.

Gakuen Babysitters is so heart warming. It highlights the bonds between family and friends. I can honestly say that I liked every character in this manga and I'm sure you will too.