May 11, 2017
Keledran (All reviews)
Well, what can i say about grand blue?
I readed a lot of doujin about, and i was expecting the anime with excitement, the show is a terrible delusion, and a waste of time and resources form the animators carees.

My review contain some spiolers but, you really dosent loosing anything by reading before watch the first two episodes.

Story: 3

The lesser point, and the most criticable part of the anime is the story. i have seen a lot (Really, a lot) of shows of medieval fantasy, like Vannadis or Chain Cronicles, by mention. and Grand Blue is the worst of all those.

The story is a big cliche,and putting aside that, its still the worst cliché way ever.. The -Evil empire- is a lot used and it dosent even is a good cliche, is bad, the empires are not evil (by the gods) those are just empires, but the childish naive of Justice overall is a dangerous stuff if you are not treathen it well, making it colorful and full of explanations. the explanations are missing. Who owns the island where the story is devepolved? The Evil Empire of course, (because leading a fugitive hunting in extrange lands may cause a war, if you dont know it) and if the empire is all evilness, the peseants are evil too? Why the Knights cant kill a boy with a sword?

oh, im forgeting he was the protagonist, and dosent matter if the knights are full armored and TRAINED, because im the fucking protagonist and they will suck my D**ck just because of that. what kind of knights are them in all case? im sick of that and if you have enough precence of mind you will understand.

The Kinghts, even the dark knights, has a honor code (or No-honor code) that leads his actions, and that code forbids damaging the pops of the villages of their OWN EMPIRE at leats, because the villager pay taxes and this rise the economy and make the evil lords of the evil empire rich and powerful... Then.... why them threat the villagers with hurt a little girl? and as i said before, they are in the empire lands... because if they are in foregin islands, why isn´t guards in the land for defense propouses, the nation that own the lands allow to foregin Knights to search, kill or hurt their villagers? of course not.

The villan is a fucking crazy and stupid man, just like the "hero" need for prove they are doing it right, what the hell has the man in exchange of brain????

Oh, i have control over a fucking Hydra, lets kill the boy who atemph to protect the poor girl (who is casually a massive destrucction weapon itself) without caring of the fact that the girl is dangerous and thats why she was jailed... wait, a wild dragon has appeared, Hydra (inferior creature, every fucking man knows that) shoot to the dragon to make him angry... well, it didnt success at all, no problem, keep shooting, who cares what the dragon can do, if you can shoot him, you will be fine... yeah...

(Protaginist) Crazy fool man defetaed... Heroine... let him go, probably he can take an army and back and kill all of us, but... who the fuck cares... YOLO !!!!!

The caracters are all stupids, or that what we can see...

Art: 5

Despite the fact that i've watched only two episodes, the art was very poor and the drawing let a lot to be desire, that all with the art...

Sound: 7

Well, the opening and the ending wasnt really bad at all, and the sound makes it enjoyable, they are what we can say by fine, it suit them.

Caracter: 2

Dreadful is the word to describe the caracter devepolment of the show, set aside that the caracters hasnt history of theirselves, the devepolment of the show was very sample and has nothing to do with human caracterization (what is that makes devepolment good, after all) the protagonist was one more form the buch, (on the bad bunch) the fem was one more from the bunch too, the luteniant (female co-pro) was predictable too, and stupid in the very end, leading a boy (who is the fucking protagonist) to the death without hesiation and without a plain, the girl saved the prota with magic power that no one knows how it works, and no one knowed she can do this until she need to bring the prota back to the life... the Villan, patetic and the sec caracters are nothing but trash, (the knights, the Peseants, the fucking flying lizard) and overall, its just another fantasy show that has nothing inside of the caracters but that... Fantasy

Enjoyment: 3

Overall: 3

If you played the game, may be you are expecting the anime that much as myself, you can find it enjoyable and even nostalgic, and may be you can pardon all that trash and continue watching the show

If you like stories that have nothing but a pink and fluffy trash about justice and comradeship and figthing aganist the evilness (who try to conquer the world and kill everyone for absolutely no reason) and villans without a single piece of inteligence that are nothing more that clowns, caracters that dosent show humanhood at all and everything reduces to Who is the evil and who is the good, well, you can enjoy the show too

If you wnat to watch a history with caracters that are a bit more thinked and the good and the evil are inside of every caracter (just like the person you are, just like the person that build empires too) and you think there are a lot more that simple say "Justice" or "Comradeship" or "War" or any.other of the medieval fantasy concepts, then this isnt your show, trust me, there are a lot more shows less stupid than this