Apr 6, 2010
lali97 (All reviews)
Okay. First, the title 'He is my master' is a little weird and turns people off, thinking that this show is for perverts. But it's not really for perverts the show actually has a pervert in it.
Next, the first episode is pretty boring and tries to make useless comedy. But when you continue reading this show is funny enough to make your vocal cords sore.

The characters are well, without those certain characteristics in them the show would not be funny. Oh yeah my fav character is Poochi, a huge pet alligator who is a pervert and always jumps (you know when two ppl are having sex the guy is bumping on the girl) on the main female character. Also Yoshitaka's character is pretty funny, p.s he's the perv.

So if you are looking for romance NO! Though there is a little romance between the two main characters and well a girl who is in love with the female main character.

If you are looking for drama NO!

If you are looking for super comedy, ecchi and tinsey bit o' romance YES He Is My Master is right for you!

NOTE: If you have conditions, like too much laughing can strain you voice don't watch it cuz this show is enough to make you laugh your balls off!