May 9, 2017
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HAL review

This movie was a total disappointment in both characters and story aspects .The concept and idea was good but the execution and rushed pace made it worse.

The story is about losing a person who is dear to you and the movie portrays the human drama behind that loss. The only problem is the execution of the plot and character interaction.
The rushed pace that the movie uses , instead of making the viewer accommodate with the story and characters , all of the emotions and drama is lost on the way leaving no impact or message.

The characters are poorly written , we can’t get to know them and understand their sufferings because the movie doesn’t tell us nothing about them. They are thrown into our faces and used as plot devices for the progression of the story. For example the relation between HAL and Kurumi who is the main focus in the movie , the execution and the way it’s delivered as a human drama aspect for the viewer, fails it’s expectations and potential.This happens because the movie doesn’t explore the characters background story enough, we are shown only pieces of the puzzle but those pieces are not entirely connected to the story or serve a purpose for the human drama theme.

The transition between different aspects of the human drama is rushed and all of the emotions is lost . For example when HAL tries to help Kurumi and cheers her up , the anime doesn’t take a natural pace to form a bond between those two instead all happens in a instant and we are left with a lot of questions and a sour taste of disappointment.

In conclusion I was disappointed in the execution of the story and plot because of the rushed pace, the poorly written characters who I couldn’t get to know them well both on story and emotional state , a lot of unexplained plot holes and finally the focus on the human drama aspect that lacked a strong impact and message to me as a viewer.

Overall 4/10