May 9, 2017
ipoopcandy (All reviews)
This review does not cover the whole series but rather only 6 episodes currently out
TL;DR: It's okay, nothing special(for now)

I was going to review the new Attack On Titan but then this popped out and I had to take a look at it. Last season of My Hero Academia left me mellow. The first two episodes got me as I saw our struggling protagonist facing adversities due to being one of rare people who do not have a super power but it all went down the crap covered drain when he suddenly obtains a superpower from the strongest hero, All-Might. His inability to completely control the power he received isn't explored all that much until season two, which is why it fares better thus far than it's predecessor.

Let's make a quick rundown due to current lack of content

Art and sound.
They didn't improve much from the original and even there they were nothing worth noting. I do not wish to stick on this for long until some adrenaline pumping action scenes come up. Opening is a bit of a doozy, the first one seemed better at setting the mood.

People have superhero powers, there's a school for shit like that, our protag gets into the best superhero school.
In part two there's a sports festival,it's nearly over at this point and a new arc is on the horizon.
There are some intrigues as the story progresses but I shan't spoil those lil' nuggets of fun in this otherwise overdone tournament story.

Now this is something that actually changed . More focus has been set on characters that didn't get time to shine in the first season, tho that change seems to be reverting a bit with every episode that comes out and now most of them faded back into obscurity. Another good thing is that our MC has to, in most cases, hold back cause he cannot control his power yet. Even when he overdoes it this one time it is with permanent consequences and it's good to hear. Every other time he'd overexert himself it'd take a trip to the school nurse to fix him up in a day or two with no further harm on him.
Let me put another sentence in for MC. He is a whiny bitch and seems to spent most of his fights crying and yelling how he's going to give it his best and all that tripe. Thankfully his plot armor wears off later on, I'd rather he had none but I digress.
Some characters got their motivations laid out which is always nice and we were treated to a batch of new characters, that get all meaning and screen time kicked out of them by the second half of the arc some even completely disappear.

I am enjoying this part a lot more than the past one already so if it keeps up the pace it might get a higher rating from the past one.
One thing to keep in mind is that My Hero Academia is still a show with many flaws mostly tied to it being quite cliche at times.
Another qualm I have with it is that it sometimes stretches boring scenes way too much and shortens worthwhile ones. Pacing seems to be better than the first season which is always a plus, hopefully this season keeps it's momentum of positive changes for the remainder of it's episodes.
Here's a 7 for now.