May 9, 2017
ipoopcandy (All reviews)
Anime is almost done but hey 1 ep could change my whole outlook on this shitepaste(no it couldn't)

Alrighty after quite some time I watched through all these episode of season 2 and can confirm that this anime is letting me down more than a quadriplegic Parkinsons patient.

Art and sound.
They didn't improve much from the original and even there they were nothing worth noting. I do not wish to stick on this for long until some adrenaline pumping action scenes come up. Opening is a bit of a doozy, the first one was definitely better at setting the mood for this type of anime but alas all good things must come to an end which is something I won't be saying when this anime comes to a close.

People have superhero powers, there's a school for shit like that, our protag gets into the best superhero school.
Alrighty now let's plunge deeper into the rectal cavity of this story. Initially we are met with probably best thing to have in your anime, a tournament arc. Unfortunately as it continues the quality of it keeps dropping until the point where it feels like creators just want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Fights get wrapped up in moments and those that stretch for longer are extremely dull with fighters using the same move over and over again until one of them says ,, sod it,, and blows up half the arena. I will concur that next arc is good. It regards this hero killer dude called Stain and,despite being finished in just a few episodes, shows one of the most hectic and dynamic fights in the anime. As a conclusion we have yet,deep sigh, another training. Which is understandable cause it'd be quite weird if an anime about a hero school had very little school in it. However this conclusive arc is hit and miss in it's execution. Long story short it comes down to students fighting teachers. Students are in pairs but teachers are single with their limbs being weighed down with some classic weight bands or whatever. I have to say some of the fights are quite fun to watch keyword being SOME. Others as is already fashion with this anime are dull with whole thing being decided after a constant back and forth between two parties.
Here's a 6 because this anime keeps leaving me with dry feeling in both my mouth and heart as there's not even some moments like in season 1 where you could actually feel a semblance of emotion in shriveled black amalgamations we call hearts.

Now this is something that actually changed . More focus has been set on characters that didn't get time to shine in the first season, this phenomenon becoming weaker as season flutters onward. As for our main character, the underdog crybitch of our story, he actually achieves some decent control over his power instead of having it break his own body whenever it's used.
Let me put another sentence in for MC. He is a whiny bitch and seems to spent most of his fights crying and yelling how he's going to give it his best and all that tripe.Not that he has to care much about harming himself when his plot armor can take a nuclear strike with no issue. Well to be fair I'm being a bit hyperbolic there but bollocks are there some moments where he keeps gushing the same crap we've heard dozens of shounens do and then have somebody or something pushing his arse out of a pinch.
Some characters got their motivations laid out ,which is always nice despite it being done in a really scrappy manner,and we are treated to a batch of new characters, that get all meaning and screen time kicked out of them by the second half of the arc.
Screw you here's a 5 there's about one good character to be made out of all the shallow, loud annoyances that are considered characters but could only pass as such in a deviantArt fanfic.

This part had me hooked but fucked it up so hard with it's goddamn annoying characters from whom some can have their whole dialogue written down on a one ply toilet paper.
Sure there's a few good moments and fights but if I wanted to scrape something positive out of a demented mess I'd work as a life coach.
What infuriates me is that this show somehow fucks up after every positive act it presents. I can't say that it's worse than part one, at least not in all departments, but I'll be fucked by the last of rhinoceros before giving this a higher rating for what it has put out. All my enthusiasm for this anime died after the Hero Killer arc and it's quite sad that a back alley mid tier hero killing enthusiast with a dumb ideology that makes no sense in light of what we've been shown is somehow a highlight of your show.
Here's a 6 and a trophy full of spunk for successful fuck up on every corner.