May 9, 2017
zombie_pegasus (All reviews)
Out of all the hundreds of anime music videos I've seen this is one of the ones I've enjoyed the most. Unlike most anime that have a lot of things they need to do well to be worthwhile music videos are much more simple. Unlike Western music videos which will sometimes pad the song with extra content to give it a story anime music videos typically only go over the length of the song itself as they are simply intended as a video for the music. This one does a good job of that, at least in my opinion. It's sort of like an idol music video, but being made in 1998 it doesn't use 3D CGI meaning it's more pleasing to the eye.

The art looks really nice and shiny. The music is better than the video itself, but this isn't exactly a problem. The animation looks really smooth and flows well with the music. You can tell it is made for it, unlike some other music videos such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Wish where the connection isn't as clear. The music and the video both compliment each other for all around positive experience.

I think it's clear that music videos are not intended to compete with anime like FMAB and Steins;Gate. It did as good of a job as a music video could do.