May 8, 2017
FioWolf (All reviews)
I think after some of the reviews, they can be very misleading about the anime itself and the plot it is trying to bring. So I decided to write a review myself in hopes of clearing some of the misconceptions.

Firstly, about the long talking with people inside a room, I find it all acceptable since it is one of the main plot building scenes. I think most people are disappointed 3-4 episodes in because in the first or second episode you are introduced to quite a bit of action scenes and then suddenly the third and fourth doesn't contain much action and that was disappointing to you.

Secondly, if the talking was anything but boring, it was definitely building up the characters. The characters are dull? I highly doubt it. Throughout their conversations you are able to relate to some of them and actually get a sense of who they are in their own ways. Especially when the creators themselves meet their creations, it adds another dimension to the scenes because you would think that the creators would know everything about their creations but even they themselves have trouble dealing with them. This just goes to show how much depth the characters they themselves have.

Finally, I think most of the people who are disappointed with the talking is more likely because they fail to notice that this anime might be darker than it seems at first. Just look at the second or third episode, there were fights and some characters who came from a kids' show realised what it is like to actually fight in reality and have people getting hurt. It explores into the meaning of life itself and what it means to be alive and how it affects the people around you and the world you live in.

With that said, this has a bit of seinen touch into a shounen anime which is why some people might find it boring. It isn't all action and just fights while building up the plot, it first explores all the doubts they have about where they are and what they are until they actually begins the actions. because just like life itself, one small mistake can cause you to lose big time. The characters in the anime are taking things step by step before approaching the main issue. It is really nice seeing the interactions of people from different background and how they accept reality. Some people can deal with it (so they join the "good" side) and some people can't (antagonist). And all this are happening while revolving around a mystery behind the main protagonist and the main antagonist.

I hope this helps people who are watching or going to watch this anime with a much more open mind because you definitely will need it because you cannot just go into this anime treating it as a simple action shounen anime because it is not just that.