May 6, 2017
BlueEclispe (All reviews)
what happens when you bring your favorite anime character to our world. considering the copious amounts of shows where we have the opposite and we go to their worlds it's a little refreshing.

the art is good but I don't really care enough because the show is mostly people sitting around talking and giving exposition. for the action scenes, we do see it is fairly original and fluid it is worth the sitting around.

the music isn't that memorable to me but I like the casting choices. it feels like they belong with the characters.

the characters are amazing, going in you may expect basic mainstream anime tropes but everyone feels alive and like they're their own person. they are very memorable and they do have their references to other characters from different stories but it was done right to feel as if it is not cliche. They have great reactions to the realization of the situation they find themselves in and seeing who their creators are, are they like gods they imagined or not. the main character doesn't add much as he is just around to tell us who the characters are as king otaku (not a stereotype btw) but I guess it's useful knowledge.

the story is great but it's too much say and not do. like I said before its 90 percent sitting around talking in one room and that can be boring and for a lot of people is. I am really into this show for I don't know if I can handle it for 22 episodes from my history with anime I will get bored and I hope we get a little more movement at least. Otherwise, I love this show and want it to improve. i want more show and not tell

i give it a 8 out of 10 the story is enough to keep you watching but don't be surprised if you want to skip through at points.