May 6, 2017
myanimeinfo (All reviews)
Remember those shows where the second season/part tries to go too big and then falls on its face and then goes down the memory drainage as unremarkable.

I am grateful that this didn't happen to My Hero Academia. Oh make no mistake - the season does start with a bang but the formula for it is simple and solid. With this approach you can be fairly sure of even better things to come as the season progresses.

The story starts in the aftermath of the previous season. Although things have not yet settled down and the villain of the last season is still on the loose but it is business as usual at UA high. With the announcement of the world famous UA sports festival things start to heat up. Class rivalries flare up along with other classes targeting our main class 1-A.

So far the competition at the UA sports fest has has kept us all on the edges of our seats. Best part is Midoriya (the MC) showing more spine and learning to rely on his wits as much as on his super power.

Let’s hope that Bones studio treats us to another enjoyable season.