May 5, 2017
ChaoticThinker (All reviews)
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai “The Seven Mortal Sins”

Backstory and Information:
Hobby Japan has finally delivered and now this year Spring of 2017 with the help of TNK the studio behind “High School DxD” alongside with Artland. This series being far older than the now widely known Netflix’s Seven Deadly Sins, Hobby Japan responsible for series such as Queen’s Blade, Hyakka Ryouran “Samurai Girls” and Demon King Daimaou or “Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou, Whatever it is you have seen, Hobby Japan has a history with high tier Ecchi and who can forget their amazing figurines that radiate quality.

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai being a series that had over the years been teased to the fans on multiple instances as this series is from a Video Game, It has left us waiting many years because of dilemmas. Whether this series could be delivered in shorts or OVA’s it remained to be seen. With a Manga introduction in August 29th of 2016, Published by Hobby Japan it brought forth light to the people who were getting tired of holding their breath and later confirmed when Visuals once again teased a incoming anime series. The issue grew deeper whether the anime would adapt the video game or the new fresh manga, Categorized “Shounen” and on February 2017 a “Seinen” version is being put out by “Media Factory”.

Plot + Pros:
“The prideful archangel Lucifer disobeys God and is cast into the lowest level of hell as a fallen angel. On her way to hell, Lucifer happens to meet a high school girl on Earth named Maria, who helps her. In hell, Lucifer meets Leviathan, and Leviathan explains to Lucifer about The Seven Deadly Sins, the seven demon king rulers of hell. After The Seven Deadly Sins seal Lucifer's powers, Lucifer goes on a journey with Maria and Leviathan to defeat them.” Courtesy of Anime News Network

It seems pretty cut and dry, as one can guess the story here is one of revenge with juicy details native to Hobby Japan’s Ecchi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

The Question now becomes what will the anime reflect, One of the two manga or the video game?. The answer is a little of all three and this series approaches the viewer with more visual appeal rather than complex storytelling as the series holds to present a simple point and questions the tittle of the sins and whether if any of the seven should be indeed be worthy of pulling a human soul towards Hell.

Whilst the main character isn’t on full out display as of yet, due to we have a duo of Lucifer and the human Maria leading the show, This show is executing a learning process between human and Lucifer as they unravel sin by sin and accept that nature isn’t sinful as it make up each one of us. While showcasing high tier ecchi for the delight of many of us to see, It is well accompanied by doubt and self-discovery of each of the demon lords as they learn from their defeats that their existence isn’t anything to be ashamed about and shows us growth from a Lucifer who sees herself as one cast out for not belonging to the herd and being an individual thinker.

As the series advances it pseudo - parodies "Dante's Inferno" in the Journey of Lucifer in place of Dante to recover her powers, Become head of the 7 Deadly sins and hold a goal of holding Heaven, God and the Archangel Michael accountable for kicking her out of heaven for simply having a opinion and most of all, for being individualistic.

The Con:
While the series is visually stunning here and there and has a lot going for it, It mirrors another series in one aspect. This series is leaning more towards an original work and like Dragon Ball Super there is a lot of improvisation and often things fit in on rather rushed ways, As the Manga both put out by Hobby Japan and Media Factory don’t have as much content for the series to draw from, So it often does fill in the blanks in a anime only format.

Except for the whole Dante's Inferno references from here and there.

This series has a rather somewhat unique animation and has a lot of vibrant colors, Other series that count with the same type of animation is the anime “Yuushibu” or “I couldn’t become a hero, So I reluctantly decided to get a job”. The bad though, Is that it seems that to rise the amount of BD sold, the uncensored version of this show airing on AT-X is using rather high end brightness which tend to render many of the beautiful screen captures found of this show too bright and useless to many.

The music is great, The voice actors are top notch and we are joined by Rias Gremory Voice actress “Yoko Hikasa”, So far I haven’t been disappointed with the choice of OP & ED either.

I recommend this anime to two sorts of people, The first are the ecchi veterans who can appreciate the series and the second are the folks that don’t mind women’s bodies and are up for a cold beer or soda chill and let the visuals stimulate you and do the talking for the first hit of 2017 on Ecchi goodness.

If you’re anal and don’t like Ecchi anime, please do yourself a favor and stay away from this anime at all costs. It is most like not your coup of tea.