May 4, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate a 7
English subbed
art film
Silent film aside from background music
Special note: this appears to be a two episode show. For it stops with a the end notice only to resume. Something to keep note of.

No story per-say more action. A story would have plot. This just tells what you see not really focusing on the w's:who, what, when,why. A more elaborated introduction would be needed if the goal of this film was to provide a message. Ending of the film was appropriate.

-black and white
-characters are clear

- while only music based it is still entertaining. There was wonderful use of the right instruments at right key moments such as tension, suspense and so forth.
-There also wasn't any noticeable static emission sound.

Character-doesn't apply

A good quick action film. While not kid friendly given the use of violence even though it is cartoon styled can send off the wrong message. Something alone the lines of war is good.