May 3, 2017
Arachnophobic (All reviews)
Even though just a fifth of the season has aired and it's far too soon to mete out judgement on anything, I'm writing this because I noticed a dearth of previews - I hope this can offer some insight on those who are wondering whether to pick this show up or not.

As one can judge by the cover, this show features an all-female main cast with designs very reminiscent of Shirobako, which is arguably P. A. Works' best title; they might be trying to re-create that magic, albeit in a wildly different setting. If you liked that show, and want more of Cute Adults Doing Responsible Things (with Pink Miyamori this time!), you should definitely give this a go.

Elaborating on the setting: The MC ends up being appointed as the 'Queen' of a rural town which had once styled itself as the Kingdom of Chupakabura, in an ill-fated attempt to re-invigorate its dying tourism industry. We follow her as she attempts to bring it back to life with the help of her newly-made friends and some peculiar townsfolk. It presents a fine puzzle to the viewers, which serves as a vehicle to introduce themes like rural depopulation, urban vs. rural life, the quiet decay of traditional art, tradition vs. avant-garde, and something as universal as finding a purpose in life.

If you like slow-burning Slice of Life shows with less drama, more natural conversation, lots of interspersed comedy and characters who are interesting because they feel real, this is for you. You can find your weekly dose of wholesomeness here. Tentatively 8/10 overall.

P.S.: The only fanservice you will find here is that the main cast gets a rich and varied wardrobe. Hey, just like in real life!