May 3, 2017
Eell (All reviews)
There is no moral to this story, and no sympathy in it. The theme is empty, and the content is immoral but unambiguous, keeping it neutral. The stories are direct, in disregarding beliefs. They represent the world of nature, being narrated through the eyes of two main characters. There is no savior, no beauty, and no hope, and no negativity about the absence of these.

Moralistic conclusions are nonexistent in this work, which makes it dispassionate. It's indifferent, and trying to tell a story about it.

Story 10/10
About beings of nature, however the methods are disconnected.

Art 10/10
Showing how they're enjoying themselves.

Character 10/10
Two children who cause and witness horrors which they tend to be entertained by.

Overall 10/10
It's a collection of stories about morals, death and existence.