May 3, 2017
DraXion (All reviews)
I have seen 4 and a half episodes of this show. Episode 1 seemed promising. Ok story line and an ok plot. Now let's jump ahead to episode 2. For the first 12 minutes, there was literally nothing happening at all. I mean AT ALL. The whole first half of the episode was 1 long and emotionless conversation. The characters don't have any personality, literally.
Episode 3 was ok. There was a good amount of plot advancement and was slightly entertaining.
Now to episode 4. I watched 14 minutes, eagerly awaiting for the episode to end. They go into another long and boring conversation about the most ridiculous event. I don't want to spoil it, but let's just say that it's entirely preposterous, even for an anime.
Now I am dropping this show here because I seriously can not tolerate more of a long conversation. The author introduced such great characters, or at least ones that had a lot of potential, and literally did NOTHING with them.
I have no idea why this show is rated as high as it is. It is incredibly poorly written. I am honestly given the idea that the writer had no idea what he was planning to put in the plot, so he just made a whole episode of talking to fill in a time slot.
I mean, if you like to listen to long, boring, and fictional conversations with the most dull of characters, you'll love this anime.
On the other hand, if you like an actual story, then I would highly recommend staying away from this one. I am awestruck by its high ratings.