May 3, 2017
galemaniac (All reviews)
Ok so someone has to write about this series

Story 7 -

This manga is about a guy who uses a scroll from his grandpa to give him the power to combat demons in an attempt to survive a delinquent school, however instead this gives him the magical ability to charm all delinquent girls to fall madly in love with him. Ok so the story is not the best, but there is one reason i find this story great: Its like a Tsundere story that isn't complete ass mixed with Yandere harem, like every girl in this harem is a badass in some way but you don't get the stupid slapstick because the girls are threatening enough that you don't need it, though it could blow it in the future, but for now its fun.

Art 8 -

I like the art it has dark styles, and it can be weirdly cute or sexy whilst also being threatening, and its not A-1 style, and not drawn in MS paint its great moving on.

Character - 6

Eh seen worse but its pretty bland but does the job with some good reactions, i especially like one of the friends the MC makes later its a fun friendship they have.

Enjoyment - 8

You read this for the fun scary faced demon women, and stay for some of the sap, its fun, and doesn't go too weird without purpose, or hentai-esc just for some cheap attempt at fan service.

Overall - 8

I think this series has some potential, and i could see some cool future arcs with supernatural stuff coming in without it being forced assuming its not axed, give it a read, and you might enjoy this.