May 2, 2017
MeepyMeep (All reviews)
Honestly, one of the best anime of the season. The story is exquisite, the characters are for the most part very likeable, the CG is eye candy and the soundtrack both for the opening/ending and for the ost of the anime is honestly amazing.

Initially, I was a bit thrown off by the CG in the anime but the art style blended it in quite well so it's easy to lose sight of it. The animations for the humans are still quite robotic in comparison for the animation used for Kado and other non-living things. Which I do admit is rather frustrating at times but it does not take away my enjoyment of the series.

The plot itself is rather unique for an anime, this sense of diplomacy and formality gives a breath of fresh air to many anime viewers such as myself. It's refreshing to see an anime which does not feature teenagers in a High School. This storyline is currently making you question humanity as a whole with its various array of questions and choices. Definitely check out this anime is deep stories are your style.

TLDR; This anime's plot, art, soundtrack and characters are amazing. Definitely worth a watch.