May 2, 2017
Aman_Bhaskar (All reviews)
something that many know..... but a few would experience . Tragedy can happen with anyone anytime. They are impossible to avoid... they may be forgotten but they leave a deep scar too.... And the same happens here with willem (the protagonist) who has literally lost everything in his life..his family, friends and everyone he knew. But that isn't the end of it .. he didn't gave up hope... instead gave others the hope to survive for themselves and the ones they love.

As mentioned above.. story takes place 500 years after extinction of human race and the planet is now home to various other species of living beings... and Willem is the last surviving member of human race. He works at a warehouse for secret weapons... which are Lolis...and we then follow the tale of willem and cutholly (female protagonist) as they stuggle to survive and uncover the secret behind the "Beasts" who now rule the land.

Anything about characters will be a spoiler so i am avoiding this section.

The art is extremely beautiful and character design is pretty damm amazing. The op and ed are extremely well done.... though its the scores and background music between the episodes which takes the cake.

So , in the end ... should u watch it.... yes... this anime has a surprisingly well written story which feels really fresh and ever since the first episode it creates an atmosphere of something about to happen which makes u wanna watch it more...this anime so far offers little to complain and much to praise... So i would recommend everyone to watch this show if u haven't already .