May 2, 2017
ZALRAN (All reviews)
Warning pls do not base Anime Pictures displayed as what the story will look like

First I'm ganna tell you how this anime is like

They show you good lovable scenes
Then they make it bad
But that bad scene is just a troll but sometimes it is real

You get a great car and you make fond memories with it
You let your cousin borrow it he says the car got destroyed in an accident
You cry but you see your car not destroyed it's a troll
But sometimes it turns out to be real

I see a blue haired girl
With little lolis and flowers

Real Life:
Omg They are warriors
And they are not afraid to die to sacrifice for their world
We will share tears people we will share the feels trip

What is Sukasuka about

It is magical action stuff

A badass MC very strong MC but is like 500 years old XD

Greatest Romance and Amzaing type of feels delivered

Amazing type of feels meaning the good feels that isn't trash it makes ur heart do something

Why Watch it
It has a great plot plus there will be interest happenings in the future promise
If you like cute girls in an anime there are ones here
Cute blue haired girl very cute Ctholly chan
A kuudere White haired girl Nephren
yellow haired cool one Ithea
And super cute Rhantolk
And also lots of little kawaii children
Special mention Tiat
The romance is the best WHYYY
*The MC is not dense like most characters* BESTO ROMANCE

So to be Honest Suka Suka is my Best pick this spring season cause it's so good

The world has been born with 17 legendary powerful beast and have turned to war
Heroes tried to defeat the beast but they did not succeed
The Humans have been extinct and only Half humans and Half Beast lives in the world
The beast rules the surface world and the remaining survivors now live in fear safe above in the sky islands

How the Anime starts

Where there is no more humans in the world only one Human remains and Only humans with fur lives and Human with no fur is weird
And the anime starts like this
So the final Emniwit or Human is Wilhelm

Wilhelm who meets a pretty young girl in a sky island
This girl is running around a high place chasing a cat she then falls,
And of course The man catches her and she might already like him
This man then travels with her in the day and went to a place where there is a great view

A friend of this man then recommends him to get a job, His friend is a scavenger and a goblin
He then accepts this job which he has to take care of A military compound full of weapons

He goes to the island there he sees the cute girl he met
Which is the Ctholly blue haired Girl which you see in the front picture
and lot of cute little children all girls
Observing the Place he sees no weapons
Then he discovers the one that he will take care are the girls who live in the mansion


He discovers the Girls are fairies that uses swords to fight the 17beasts
Below the islands
He then now takes care of them with his content
The MC having a backstory as The last real human which was a past fighter
(He fought with the beast and killed one of them but got cursed)
Now he cannot accept that these fairies are ready to die and sacrifice their selves
He trained them to fight as he was and use the weapons properly

So the reason why I like it
The romance and the Drama is well made so good
Not your normal headache drama but they put twists in it

So it's like Since he is the last human that lives ofc being last human you would want to killyourself since you cannot relate to no one anymore
But because of making promise to Ctholly he changes not only him Ctholly as well

I will tell you honestly the Romance is very high if you think the starts of the episode not much romance well You must END THE WHOLE SEASON OR U WONT SEE THE ROMANCE
Well it was told in the First Episode anyway

I highly recommend it to those who like romance and drama anime
There is slight action so to those who like action it's just right

So remember never judge a pic by its cover
So if you're planning to watch this ready ur tissue you will need it when time comes
It is a legendary anime with greatnest since they get real couple not just for shipin but for sailing
One more thing This anime is one of those that ships sail so its great