May 1, 2017
Erytropus (All reviews)
Absolutely awful...

Only four episodes are out at the point of writing this review and they have all been really boring and pointless.

The Story: Not much to say opens on a cool action shot that looks like it happens 10-15 years from the current timeline. It tells us nothing about anything and exists only as a bait for inexperienced anime viewers who will watch the show for 600 episodes to finally get to it.
Got nothing else to say story wise because nothing actually happens. 0/10

The Characters: Again, not much to say about characters. Most of them are just copies of old characters with a little different design, different gender or slightly different name. Theiir personalities are pretty much the same as the old versions of these characters, but worse.
There are some brand new characters such as the class rep who is the quiet girl with no respect, or the delinquent who does not study and completely changes his personality in a single episode. These new characters are just memes that don't have place in this show. 0/10

The Art: The show has vibrant colors and decent character designs (most of which are copies of old characters). Animation is very inconsistent, especially in ep. 4. Not much else to say here. 3/10

The Sound: Music in this show is awesome. I would expect nothing less from Takanashi Yasuharu, who created some of my favourite OSTs. 10/10
The rest of the sound design falls pretty short though. I still hate this stupid trend of shonen shows to cast a FEMALE VA to voice a MALE MC. It just sounds stupid and cringy. The voice actors do an acceptable job though. 4/10

The Enjoyment: Nothing to talk about here.... 0/10

The Summary: Story is non existent, characters are poor copies of the old ones and animation is very inconsistent. Even the great soundtrack does not save this show.
Just go watch a better shonen series like Hunter x Hunter or Yu Yu Hakusho. Boruto is not worth anyone's time.

I give Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 0/10.

This is the first review I have ever written.