May 1, 2017
myanimeinfo (All reviews)
A girl falls out of the sky - Literally. Dude saves her, fights for her and dies. She revives him and now he becomes aware of his power (or a clue to its origin). They go on a journey together. Magic, Medieval, Floating islands, Fantastic creatures and Dragons. There you have it, the gist of it at least.

Boring much……………. I don’t think so. I have said it before and I don’t like to belabor a point but the fact is that there are so many ways of making a story ‘click’ by using the same old words.

Like a lot of other Fantasy anime Granblue too has a lighthearted feel about it. Starting with fast paced action and then easing into the story is a good way to keep the viewers interested enough to keep watching.

Now the question is - would watching Granblue payoff as the story moves forward? I think I will wait for a couple of episode before making any further judgment.