May 1, 2017
Apdo1 (All reviews)
As we all know, the most popular opinion that many agreed aren't just there to show how selective people are when deciding to pick which side of the bias side of the standing ground they wanted to be on. It doesn't matter if you're in on it to diss a work of a team effort that cost for more than $100,000-300,000 Usd per episode, according to many sources. Though, attacking an anime and of those people that may watches the show for the sake of entertainment is just a viscous and unfathomable attack on those people that like the show, for the same reason this one guy hated the show for. Like shit man, you rated this show 1/10, abit heartless dont u think? I wouldn't mind a 5+ taking into the account of the work and the production quality of the show. It's objective to rate the art higher than 7/10 since the art is just that great in this anime. The idea of beauty is objective, you dont rate a pile of garbage a 10/10 as a form of art, the same goes for rating a picture of this welly drawn anime picture of a character a 1/10. Subjectivity in art doesn't exist unless you're going to forced the reality that a fucking toliet deserved to be put in the art musuem, welcome to our liberal land where rainbow and sunshine dominate the land of reality, even if it's a fucking stupid idea to even consider modern art an art at all.

Tbh, you cant just hate the show because you hate the author, or its relation to the author's other work, this project is literally a group work with director and the staffs collaborating, instead of the author directing the production of this anime. If you hate the setting or the plot (because you hate people lewding loli), then pick another show or use a more valid point for your argument attacking the anime, or to justify y a 1/10 is a reasonable rating. And tbh, nobody gonna fucking turn in a pedophile even if they lewd a 2D premature characters or watching a hentai of them. If they do, the already have that problem before even seeing em erotic 2D girls. And I have an elder and a younger sister, I can't lewd them, the thought is just disgusting but our ancestor and kings can at least do it, in order to keep the blood line thing going in the noble family.

Additionally, I just want to make something clear before I start reviewing this anime that's so entertaining to watch. CoquiEnthusiast mentioned that this anime is an insult to its viewers right? He's basically saying all anime that can only deliver the typical cute girl character, anime tropes (which exists in all anime), fanservice (like konosuba since he seem to like the show), trying to get meme by fans (just like many show), generic MC (yep no escaping it), loli (do exist like in all show now, even AOT a serious show) and so on is an insult to its viewers. That's the logic that I'd got from it.

Tbh, to just attack an entire staff and the team (rating it a 1) that have spent months working on this project by this hated generalization, for an anime that insults the audience by your list of what people should feel and dictates what is an insult to you now, that just seem like a hypocrisy to me. It's basically an insult to someone's intellect if you're just going to blatantly declares that everyone else is a dumbass for not realizing that this anime is insulting you when there're no proofs of them. This actually is a very narrow minded way of trying to find shows that are bad, put them as an example of it, then say that your favorite anime is better because of it. Or just wanting to show discontentment and spread hate across the anime community and treated those that like the show, looking at them with pity due to their ignorance about the show's actual intent when there's no indication that it's the intent of what he's trying to implied. Or he just hate the author because this was by the same dude as Oreimo, another incest story. Tbh, even if you find him to be creepy, you should judge a story from its story, and not how u personally perceived the author to judge the show.

And the important thing that was mentioned here, about an anime characters, is that they are not like us humans; they should have unreal personality, behavior, or just not be as close to us as possible (assuming that we're the normal people). That's basically why we call them an anime character and not a fucking person.

He also acts like this was the first time he sees a fanservice on a loli character in an anime like the fuck lol? And he even try to make this an insult on fanservice on loli in this show specifically, because the show is not an ecchi series? Like mate, look at the name of the anime and take a closer look lmao (btw the anime did a very good job making you lust over them no lie).Plus, first episode into the show gave us an exposition of a loli and introduces us to the light novel industry where people draw eroge or perverted pictures with a story to go along with it for a living. And even if people were lusting over them, anime character are made sexier in appearance, voice, and personality so who cares. Where can u see kids that hot in the fucking reality mate, like for real. I see kids in the world as annoying tbh.

And the anime is completely different in term of the setting if it were to be compared to the Oreimu series, but obviously not the incestuous relationship, though this one is legal lul. I mean we could literally see the difference between the 2 no? If not then wouldn't he be insulting you right here? And this show isn't devoid in themes that Oreimo also have in its series. It introduces you to the otaku culture electronically, like live streaming an eroge drawing (showing that it's a thing in Japan, the otaku community), the light novel industry, sales, ranking system, light novel competition, processes to publish a light novel series etc.. Additionally, they had also explored the general theme of difference between treating something as work and treating something as a hobby, and so on. I dont even know how you could rate a serie a 1, while not taking into the account of the entirety of what the project has to offered; and based from the very few things you hate about the anime, as you twist the logic in order to forced more points into your own review, in order to make yourself sounds right, even if that logic would also subsequently insults other animes that are good as well, and that do contained those quality as well of what he has listed. Just like how he brought up the example of how a show like konosuba are free to do those things (like wanting to be meme by fans), when this anime does it too, it deserved to get insulted.

Actual review,

And the MC maybe generic in appearance, but his character is definitely not. He's not your typical creepy ass character who'd always look at his own sister's ass or erogenous zone and says shit like
"Hey girl, one day I will put my manly shaft in and give birth to a deformed child alright, tho you're not blood related so it's not going to be a deformed one anyway, are you good with that my future waifu?"

His brother is, so far in the series, adamantly against the legal incestuous relationship. So it's pretty invalid to say that he's in fact, your typical creepy ass big brother MC but obviously it's a romance series involving a brother and the not blood related sister, he will develop feeling for her anyway. I mean no spoiler or anything, nothing incestuous had happen (maybe verbally) yet in the original material. That's not to say that his character as a typical MC personality or attitude (being dense as fuck) isn't cliche.

Moreover, the setting in itself is pretty unique from all the anime that I had seen, involving the build up of a relationship between a shut in sister, and a brother trying to get her out. The story also offers a rivalry like environment that doesn't solely relies on the romance element to draw in the viewers into the show. Additionally, their relationship and interaction are pretty interesting and cute with all the obvious twist that are involved in the story (usually when they introduce a new characters). The characters are cute in both personality and appearances, except for the dick girl, and the animation is smooth as fuck in some part of the scene. The voice acting is really well done, the comical moment and the random sounds that they made double the cuteness for me. And let be honest, the little sister in this anime is actually a better version of that girl from Oreimo. She's cuter, has a unique voice acting, not bitchy, like to mumble or grumble words of gripe when she's jealous (cute af) , and has a better character design overall. Plus the melodrama and the romance of the series is pretty interesting given the character of the sister's overall personality and of her brother or of any character's interaction with the MC.

That's not to say that there are no flaw in this anime and other dislike-able character like that girl that love to says that she loves dicks (tho u might like her anyway). Or an unnecessary shots of fanservice that distracted sub readers amidst the conversation, and being too concentrated on its main theme and story of the anime; basically, striving to get a successful eroge light novel in the industry, is that a bad thing though? The anime is called Eromanga sensei afterall. You also typically called an author of a manga sensei, so it's to be expected that the story spend more time on the eroge light novel industry than the romance between not blood related sister and a brother. Though, every outline of the story is pretty cliche. Galaxy of hero or something and dead pool also followed the same cliche outline of a superhero story too, so y criticized this show so much?

Tbh, this anime is intended to be watched for the sake of entertainment, and not as an insult to anyone. If you could at least states an obvious part of the show that actually "insults" the viewers, then please be my guest. And if you give me that "creepy otaku" scene, you do know that this actually insults themselves and their entire community, as we all know, anime are made by otaku lul. That's the only one that I could find.