May 1, 2017
LuxuriousHeart (All reviews)
Fujoshi Kanojo was an interesting story type. I'm a yaoi fan, so this story automatically stuck out to me. I had several laughs out of the story and I could relate to it. For that, the story gets an 8. Like I said, it was interesting without the plot being too chaotic *cough* Fujoshi Rumi *cough*

The art style was very nice and clear. I love this particular art style and it showed the face expression, the faces in general, and the hair/clothing very well. The art gets an 8 as well.

The characters were not a strong suit. The characters get a 4. The main guy just went with everything and he didn't feel like a great main character. He seemed like a prop in his own manga that went along with the whims of everyone else. Even his friend had more independence than him. I want to like his girlfriend because she IS a fujoshi, but she could get annoying and had creepy moments. Like, why is a woman in her 20s so interested in an 8th grader? That was the most disturbing moment of the entire manga, and they even made a joke about him being an uke. WTF?! The friend's sister was annoying and the third friend was pushy. The best friend was like the main guy and just let everything happen. So you have aggressive annoying people, with the calm people just letting it happen.

The enjoyment was a 5. Honestly, if they had not have included that disturbing moment, then I would give this manga an 8. This manga is funny at some parts and very enjoyable to watch, though some scenes were unbearable and I wanted them to be over already; it has a tendency to linger on scenes.

Overall, I give this a 6. The plot bunny was great, and the art was great as well. The characters did get annoying and unbearable at times, but they did have some funny moments. I recommend it for fellow fujoshis, but other manga readers would get very annoyed with nothing to keep their interest.