Apr 30, 2017
Cloe900311 (All reviews)
This is my first time reviewing a series with a full 10/10 in every aspect.

Story: The story is the same as the movie it is based off on. Extra moments were added to develop Takao and Yukino's relationship more, and the ending as well was not in the movie - it gave an overall, hopeful and positive feeling.

Art: The art was very pleasing to the eyes. I love seeing the blushes on our protagonists' faces, and their gentle gestures. The tone the movie displayed was very apparent in this manga adaption. I love the way the postures were drawn, and the drips of water on the leaves were beautiful as well.

Character: The characters and their worries were significantly what made this series so memorable. I love that although Takao and Yukino clearly have their differences, they have their own worries that they need to overcome. It's so wonderful that the two helped each other move forward in life. It really does show you that people can have struggles at any age, adults included.

Enjoyment: This manga was very enjoyable. It felt nice to relive the series by flipping the pages and seeing what has both stayed the same and what has been added from the movie. It was very nice to see Motohashi's care and effort placed in this manga version.

Overall: It was a very pleasant experience to read The Garden of Words. The theme and poetry of the series gave me a fulfilling feeling, as well as reflective.