Apr 30, 2017
kikyo1hinamora (All reviews)
after the deception of all oreimo's fans or most of them after seeing that shit ending witch was forced by the publisher since the love story in that anime was between two blood related siblings
Eromanga Sensei came .while having the same concept of oreimo( literally the same concept it even can be considered as a season 3 or something like that ) but no wonder since its light novel was made by the same writer of the oreimo's light novel (Tsukasa Fushimi) and illustrated by the same guy as well (Hiro Kanzaki) but one crucial difference exist between those two anime :the sibling are not blood related that mean that this anime can go wild . this anime represent a chance to the author to do what do what he wasn't able to do in oreimo and also a chance to the oreimo's fans to see what they wanted but couldn't see in oreimo,and also it is good news for the people that can not stand watching romance between blood related people since the lovers here are sibling but without being actually blood related.

story 9/10
so the story revolve about Masamune Izumi and his little sister sagiri who aren't blood related since there family is a reconstituted family. Sagiri is the daughter of the mother and Masamune the son of the father. anyway ,so masamune is a light novel author and his light novels are illustrated by someone called "Eromanga," who draw to him extremely perverted drawings, and he is very reliable but it appear after that that eromanga is actually his little sister who use her own body picture as reference for her drawings anyway after a while he discover who she is and she discover who he is is since no one knew with who they were actually working with
so after that the story revolve about their adventure to make a successful light novel that will be adapted into an anime but in the same time the story will revolve about the feelings of love of the siblings to each other witch they try to hide being scared of what other people will says about them if they declare,confess their love so this anime is about two siblings trying to realize their dream and also about 2 people trying to overcome the fear that they have against the point of view of the of the community about them but that actually can be applied on the brother more(i mean the fear of .... thing)

the art and animation 10
it is great bright colorful the character design is great those girls are maybe one of the cutest i ever seen in an anime the animation is good

the sound 10
the op is great really great and the ed is also fantastic

the characters 10
so each character has special things that make him special and the characters development was great in the last 6 ep
Jinno, Megumi is a great funny character that u can like easily she is helpful smart in her own way
Yamada, Elf is a little brat at first but after few ep we get to know her and who she is really
Izumi, Sagiri she is a shy little girl but who gain confidence in herself more and more with each ep she is also cute and try to do her best to please her brother ex:she tried to draw girls with big boobs even if she don't like that and never tried to just to make her brother happy and to show her love indirectly
the mc not like most of the anime's mc this guy get actual development

enjoyment 10
it is funny amusing it can not make u bored

overall 10
try it give it a chance u will like it

PS i am against any type of love relation mean couples love between blood related siblings or close cousins the real world but this is just an anime