Apr 30, 2017
refladovans (All reviews)
Modern animes today now are just trash (like this one) you just put it 8-10 (no shit) just because there're cute girls in this series,at this review I’ll show you why did I give a "turd" score to this series

Ah yes *the typical fanservice show that we all have seen MILLION of times every seasons* it's just horrible,disaster especially the FREAKING incest love that make no sense to watch
The main reason of watching this.A-1 picture seem to be good at this part

Pretty good the op and ed not that bad i gave this medicore

Moe,loli,sis-con pftttt... i'm too tired for this modern anime now are just for fanservices (of course fanservices sometimes good for viewers 's satisfaction:big boobs,shower times,nudity,etc....) but did you see how badly they entertain it ? they put a FUCKING 12 YEARS OLD CHILD into this series to make it more interesting for moneys and as my knowledge people who around 30-50 in Japan very like littlegirls,loli,puberty loli and big boobs loli(weaboo,prevert,NEET) we called them are the bad otakus,this series is a proof that Myazaki was right about anime at whole time “anime was a mistake”
There is the one who watch Monogatari for the plot
And then there is the one who watch it for Shinobu

A shit ! bored,dropped after watching 4 espisode,i haven't seen any "comedy" moments. Atleast if this were slices of life i could enjoy it though

Overall: i gave this series a "turd" point and if you called me is dickbrain like "you should remember to bring your brain the next time when you write a review" or "why don't you watching it until it end to have fair comments" JUST NO ! HELL NO ! i ain't watching it for loli and fanservices(especially frikin' child and incest love)
thanks for wasting your time for reading my reviews comment if i trigered you about this series but don't take it seriously enjoy it like the whatever the hell you enjoys it and i'll try my best to "pull" this thing out of the industry

and yes"i hate this show"