Apr 29, 2017
_ecchiman_ (All reviews)
Date a live was an anime that i had encountered first on facebook, but i was reluctant to try it since it didn't seem (at that time) to be a very action-oriented from the short clip I saw, and I was quick to mark it off as just another romance anime where the MC builds a Harem, but nothing happens at all. Boy, was I wrong. To date, Date a live is one of my top animes.

Well it is pretty generic with its combination of Harem, Ecchi, Fantasy, and Action, so if you dont like those things, then this might not be for you. However, those are my favorite categories (along with a sprinkle of mecha) You get a good amount of your generic love-girl characters, except theyre all in love with the MC. Its a time-tested formula, and it has held. However it is, again, quite generic of a formula. As far as the premise goes, it is unique (at least for me it is). It does mix both qualities of action as well as the daily school life together in a convincing way, yet the storyline is not predictable, as i was kept in suspense at some parts of the series (in both serious and comical parts). It also does not do (what i like to call) 'harem-building-fanservice' episodes, where nothing happens for 6 episodes while they introduce characters. Using only about 3 episodes for setting up the story left alot of time to develop characters as well as advance the story to a good conclusion. You do get the omnipresent "onsen" scene though, which is present in every. single. ecchi. anime. But im not complaining. not at all.

considering that this was made in 2013, (and possibly with some quality-boosting technology), the art was pretty good. In fact it is on par quality-wise with even newer animes from 2015-2016. Animation is pretty fluid, although at times i noticed that some of the characters don't move at all even if all the others are (and it was a main character). However, i think this only happened once, so overall nice art. Details were paid attention to (such as surroundings) and overall the art held together as a world, there wasn't any sense of disconnect between the different settings (except for perhaps the school, since there was little time spent there in contrast with other places). Theres good stuff for everyone.

I like fast songs, so I liked these songs. both the Opening and closing songs were in genres that I typically enjoy, and I found myself listening to those songs more than once. VA's were well chosen, and they fit the character's features well in my opinion. surrounding sound and sound effects in it was also realistic, if generic.

Surprisingly for an anime that has the "ecchi" tag, it has a decent amount of character development. And the story lends to it. Since its about violent spirits falling in love and all. Almost all of the characters change in some way, and the main ones definitely do. One goes from being hard to showing off their inner vulnerability. One goes from being shy to opening up. One goes from being a violent murderer into a (possibly?) reformed character. As for the characters themselves, there wasn't anything about them that I would consider annoying, or traits that turned me off. They cry, get angry, are happy, etc etc. Pretty much character-wise this anime is pretty good

I enjoyed this anime alot. It had the right amount of everything, from ecchi to serious ideas on family and friendships. The premise for me was great, I personally thought it was quite unique in the background story while also keeping it semi-familiar to what could happen in the future.

3 story + 3 characters + 2 ecchi/Art (it was good but not amazing) + 1 nice songs + 1 enjoyment
=10 overall. Like I said it as the perfect amount of all the good stuff from ecchi to comedy to the feels. Art and sound were definitely a plus even if compared to newer stuff from the past couple years, and oh yea, since the 2nd season is already out while im writing this, I have something to look forward to again haha.