Apr 29, 2017
CoquiEnthusiast (All reviews)
Something I find hilarious is that no one can explain why Eromanga Sensei is a good show. I see people giving this an 8-10 rating and saying it's a good show, but not once I've seen anyone mentioning any legitimate good quality about Eromanga except for: "it's cute", "Sagiri is so cute", "it has cute girls", "incest is wincest". This may be unfair since I shouldn't be trashing on anyone's likings and I believe people have the right to enjoy whatever the hell they like, but I cannot shake the annoyance that some people are just satisfied with anything at this point. Trust me, I like cute girls and lolis as much as the next guy does, but somewhere somehow we need to draw the line and notice when our intelligence is being insulted. Does the only thing that an anime needs is for it to have cute girls, some type of incestuous relationship, a copy/paste generic protagonist (that took no effort to create), a bunch of terribly forced memes and loli fanservice for us anime fans to be all over it on social media and be supporting this garbage? If this isn't an insult to the viewer's intelligence then I don't know what is.

For those of you who do not know, this story was done by the same people who made the highly controversial Light Novel (later adapted into an anime), My Little Sister Can't be this Cute (better known as OreImo). Apart from targeting a niche audience with the sibling romance subplot, OreImo is infamous for receiving harsh backlash from fans upon its completion for its trash ending. Details were revealed that the LN editors did not allow Tsukasa Fushimi to go through with a full incest ending.

Keeping this in mind, it becomes very apparent  that Eromanga Sensei is trying to be OreImo. Not only does this series do a terrible job at copying all the elements that made OreImo successful, but it makes sure to establish the single fact that led to the downfall of the show. It utilizes one of the most used loopholes sibling romances do to get away with what they're doing by making sure everyone knows that the two main characters ARE NOT BLOOD RELATED. Did you hear that? THEY'RE NOT BLOOD RELATED. The previews make sure you know this, the manga makes sure you know this, the anime makes damn sure you know this.

I find it hard to believe anyone genuinely thinks Eromanga Sensei will not have the brother & sister get it on at some point. It only takes a fraction of knowledge about the author, OreImo and its history to know this has been created just because the author hasn't gotten over his sister fetish. Even so, there are a bunch of other female characters (not)worth mentioning. The thing is, none of these characters seem remotely interesting or feel like real people. They're walking anime tropes that will only exist for the purpose of having the main guy hang around with other girls than his sister and to let the audience have a bit of variety. I have checked the manga and there is no indication they will get interesting enough to carry this bad comedy.

I found it very sickening how cynical and shamelessly Eromanga Sensei tries to bait the siscon/lolicon audience. Countless promising shots of the girls (especially the FREAKING 10-YEAR-OLD) are shown to obviously excite the viewer and trust me, I don't want to be the normie guy who trashes the sexualization of kids in anime, but these are literally middle schoolers. Like, this show is WAY too in your face with fanservice shots. Only 4 episodes in and we've basically seen the little sister naked at least 3 times already. It doesn't even try to hide the fact that they want to attract "that" type of audience, and what bothers me is that they're so out of place. Eromanga Sensei does this so much I'm kinda creeped out that full grown men have such cynical mentality to attract people into their mediocre show with a few ass/breast shots of little girls (if this was an ecchi series I could understand, but Eromanga is not). Every episode gets so much worse with the fanservice it reaches to a point that is just absurd, even for modern anime standards. I honestly feel like I need to call the cops ASAP while watching Eromanga Sensei, just for witnessing the amount of pedophilic vibes this series gives off. If you're into that stuff, then knock yourself out I guess...

Let's talk a little bit more about the characters: they all suck. Every single one gets on my nerve, and the one who doesn't (the black haired who works as a librarian) is so uninteresting it's shocking. First off, the main girl is the lolicon's/siscon's dream imouto, a ridiculously cute, empty shell of a girl who's only noteworthy characteristics are that acts like a tsundere, refuses to leave her room and draws porn for fun. The main guy is generic MC #198,567 (he's voiced by Kirito ffs) who has a terrifying obsession with his sister. People accuse Kyouske of being a terrible siscon, but Masamune is on another level. When he's not screaming, he's ranting on how beautiful his 10-year-old sister is and you can just feel this guy wants to bang her brains out. OreImo at least had the decency to slowly develop the sibling romance, and most of the side characters were interesting and felt like real people (Kuroneko alone makes OreImo a better show btw). The other characters in Eromanga Sensei are stock templates and not worth mentioning.

People criticize OreImo for being a bad anime with nothing new to say, and solely aimed at the siscon/lolicon otaku audience. I find these allegations funny because I've seen those same people dare to claim this is better than OreImo. Unlike Eromanga Sensei, OreImo HAD something to say (nothing that hasn't been explored, but nevertheless it was something). In part, OreImo's first season had a couple interesting themes like the exploration on otaku culture in Japan, the difficulties of liking something that is heavily looked down upon in society and those around you, and the evolving friendship (ultimately romantic interest) between two different types of siblings. Eromanga Sensei on the other hand is a soulless, empty copy of its predecessor that could only appeal to the type of people it is obviously intended for.

One of the things that bothered me the most about Eromanga Sensei is that it tries so damn hard to create memes. This show is just asking, BEGGING to be the next meme on Twitter. From having a character's first trait being that "SHE LOVES DICKS", to having the main loli have a cute (completely out of character) dance at the beginning and opening themes that is begging you with red letters to make a gif out of it and share it with your friends. The show constantly has looping, cute or "funny" moments that are obviously intended to be the laugh of the week (this isn't Konosuba, so it doesn't work). Since the show is trying so hard to be a meme, I propose we treat it as such. The meme of the season.

Well, I have nothing more to say in this unorganized rant. I really needed to get this anger I have towards this show off my chest somehow and hopefully open some eyes. If you have nothing to watch this season, maybe you would want to check out Eromanga Sensei. Watching one episode a week is more easy to pass than when a series is completed (it's the only reason why I might watch some more; also to possibly rant about it some more in the future). However, expect a "moe-blob" of a series that shamelessly copies its big brother and all the cliches of the industry. As I indirectly suggest throughout this review, if you want to watch a similar show done by the same people and with the same ideas, watch OreImo if you haven't and do not waste your time on this. It has a more refreshing and interesting cast than Eromanga, it connects much better with the ideas it's trying to present and is overall more presentable than this garbage. The thing that bothers me the most is that Eromanga Sensei is becoming extremely popular amongst anime fans. To my understanding, it has been very successful in preorder sales in Japan and it is very talked about in online communities. Yes, all those meme attempts have been working so far, and people are loving the ass shots of Sagiri and Megumi saying she loves dicks. This motivates the industry into producing more of this quality of anime, and we all know anime deserves much better. All I can say is that I really hope Eromanga Sensei gets forgotten after the season ends and it's remembered as the cheap theatrics it is, or at least I hope so.

This series is my proof that everyday we stray further from Kamisama, and that Miyazaki-sensei was right about anime all along.